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In Vancouver, with our harsh winters, protecting your business from the elements is vital. Your roof is the first line of defense against weather related damages. A built-up roof, which is a traditional roofing style, is one budget friendly option. A built-up roof, BUR for short, is a tar and gravel roof in Vancouver that uses several layers of roofing material to provide protection from the elements. Layers of roofing material are laid down, with each layer separated by a coat of tar. On the very top a final spread of gravel (or a coat of reflective paint) is applied to protect the roofing materials from the harmful rays of direct sunlight.

Top Layer Options

Here at Laurentian Roofing, we offer two top coat options for tar and gravel roofs in Vancouver.

  • Gravel Top Coat - provides a sturdy, textured surface that is resistant to heat, sun, and other weather damages.
  • Reflective Paint Coat - A specially designed paint that helps improve a building's insulation.

Built-up roofs tend to have shorter life spans. Typically, a well-maintained tar and gravel roof will need replacing every 10 to 15 years. Because of this, built-up roofs are becoming less popular than longer lasting options. Torch-on roofs, for example, use new advances in non-organic materials and technology to offer better and longer lasting protection at a slightly higher installation cost.

If you see signs of a leak or other damage to your business's roof, it's important to have the problem fixed as soon as possible before water can seep through the roof and cause expensive damages.

Our teams of highly experienced professionals have completed countless repairs of commercial roofing jobs, including both built-up roofs and torch-on roofs. Put that experience to work for you: give us a call (604-345-7663) and we'll come out to your location to provide a free, no obligation estimate.

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