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Roof Vent Installation - Call the Experts!

In the past 10 years there has been a lot of changes in how to best use ventilation for homes and commercial buildings on the west coast. In our cool and wet environment, moisture and condensation can be a major issue, such as with the "leaky condo” crisis we've experienced across the Lower Mainland. Without proper ventilation, your roof can trap this moisture inside, and the eventual result will be mould, rot and major structural problems.

Your roof needs to breathe. As important as it is for your roof to protect you from rain and the outside environment, it's also critical that the top of your building has proper ventilation. The air flow in and out are necessary to regular the ambient air temperature so that condensation does not build up inside the interior spaces, ceilings and walls that aren't looked at frequently.

Having an experienced roofing contractor that knows BC and Lower Mainland building code can maximize the usefulness of your ventilation space and potentially save you the headache and financial grief of having to replace a prematurely rotted out roof.

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