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New Home Construction, Townhouse & Strata Roofing

Making the commitment to buy a new roof is a major decision. What kind of roof type, the price, a time estimate and which roofing company are all important factors to evaluate before reaching your answer.

When you work with our Expert Roofers, we're committed to finding the best roofing solution for your needs. Along with great service and attention to our customers, our goal is to deliver a roof that will protect you for years to come, hassle free from issues, and take whatever weather gets thrown at it. You can always expect a detailed price quote and time estimate from the roofers at Laurentian.

Experts at Building New Roofs

With our experienced, skilled team of roofers, our commitment to making you happy, and our safety record, Laurentian Roofing is the company to call when you need to construct a new roof for your home, subdivision, townhouse or strata maintenance agreement.

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