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Seen on the tops of homes throughout the west coast of Canada, these shingles are made from Canadian red cedar and give homes a historic look. When settlers first arrived in the Lower Mainland, red cedar was used to build the homes and the roofs of this new community. Today cedar shingles still remain a popular choice for homeowners.

The benefits of using cedar shingles are primarily for having that certain look. Wood shingles are still prone to the same problems that effects asphalt shingles such as erosion from water runoff, loss of oils from heating in the sun and wind damage.

Cedar Shingle Roofing Conversion

The option to choose between asphalt or cedar shingles is a personal choice. If you have cedar shingles, you can switch over to traditional shingles (called a "cedar conversion”). Speak our roofing contractors ask us for more information on the benefits of both kinds of shingles. We're more than happy to lend our expertise and help you make an informed decision.

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