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roof insulationThe insulation for steep-sloped roofs is typically found on the inside of the building. Depending on your budget and what you prefer, there are many options that you can choose from for the material that you want to use to insulate your home. Such options include recycled cellulose fiber insulation, soy insulation (made from soybean oil) or recycled denim/cotton material.

You can add value to your home and reduce heating costs by adding insulation to your attic at the time of your re-roofing. How? Our roofing contractor will work outside blowing insulation from the outside of your home straight into your attic space. By never having to blow the insulation through your home to your attic, it's less invasive for your family and home environment. Plus, it can be cost effective: by performing two jobs at the same time, we're not having to cut any drywall and later patch it, thus saving you from any additional costs.

We're always interested in giving as much value as we can to our customers. Contact Laurentian Roofing and see how we'll go that extra step and make you a satisfied customer.

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