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Roofing INSTALLERS & Contractors wARRANTY

Learn More About Your Roof's Warranty - Call the Experts!

We understand that you need to feel secure about your new roof. It's a sizable investment that you're making.

We offer a non-prorated labour warranty with every roof repair or installation that we complete. This means that in the case of a problem with the installation of your roof, our roofing contractors will come out again and fix the original problem with the roof's installation in a timely and professional manner.

We stand confidently behind our labor and installation with this valuable warranty!

Roofing Materials and Manufacturer's Warranty

Many roofing materials that we use come with their own warranties. Depending on the product that is chosen for your roof, companies will provide warranties ranging from 5 years to lifetime.

We can help you by choosing the best product for your project.

All our roofing jobs come with an authentic, certified warranty to keep in your records to provide added peace of mind.