Are Your Roofing Contractors Insured?

September 22nd, 2017 | in Hiring Contractors

With the importance of protecting your building when employing roofing contractors, it’s critical that the contractors you choose are insured. Many building owners have made the mistake of choosing non-insured contractors, and they’ve then been held liable for injuries and personal property damage that has occurred as a result of roofing work on their property. In this latest post, our Laurentian Roofing team highlights the benefits of working with insured roofing contractors.

Liability Protection for Worker Injuries

In a case where the worker is injured on the job, liability insurance will provide coverage for the roofer and help them recover from their injuries over time. If you employ roofing contractors that are not protected by insurance coverage, you will be held liable and thereby may be responsible for paying for any injury recovery costs required by the roofer.

Focus on the Roofing Work

Working with insured roofing contractors from Laurentian Roofing means you don’t have to worry about any damage-related expenses incurred as a result of their work on the property. If a worker is injured on the job or damages a tenant property in the course of completing their work, the company can then immediately begin working with their insurance specialist to resolve the issue. The coverage ensures that you, as the building owner, don’t have to get involved in the process.

Roofing Contractors with Insurance

In addition to having insurance coverage, the company should also be licensed through the local authority. There are many advantages of working with a licensed company. The company will be able to offer a proven higher quality of work, having shown that their team is equipped to complete complex jobs through the licensing process. Working with a licensed company can help to minimize your risks when choosing a new roofing contractor.

Most building owners have a limited understanding on their liability levels for those they employ within their property. It’s important to work directly with your roofing contractors to ensure each member of their team is covered in case of an accident on the job. To discover more on this important topic, contact our team today!

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