Essential Roof Maintenance to Conduct Before Winter Hits

December 8th, 2017 | in Roof Maintenance

Winter is coming, and it won't be long until long-term freezing weather hits the area. That means time is limited for conducting vital roof maintenance on your condos, townhouses, and other strata properties. Once snow, ice, and freezing conditions become common, roof repairs become extremely difficult -and expensive- or even impossible, depending on the weather.

If you have not checked on your roof lately, now is certainly the time to do so. It's still possible to get needed roof maintenance done, but the clock is ticking.

Four Areas of Roof Repair and Maintenance to Conduct Before Winter Comes

1. Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are clogged, that can become a major issue once snow becomes common. During warmer periods in the winter, melted snow needs to be able to run off the roof. If the gutter drains are clogged, it could lead to them becoming filled with melted snow which then re-freezes into solid ice overnight - adding significant strain to your gutters or potentially even cracking them.

While cleaning the gutters, it would also be a good idea to check their fixtures to ensure they continue to be properly attached to the building.

2. Tree Trimming

Any trees, particularly deciduous trees, need to be trimmed back if their branches are overhanging the roof. Dropped leaves can lead to clogged gutters, and the branches themselves could be extremely damaging if they broke off due to ice accumulation.

Remember: if the branches are touching your roof, they're causing friction, wear, and damage every time they move in the wind.

3. Roof Material Replacement

This is the best time to do a survey of your roof to look for damage, and conduct any minor repairs which might be needed. Depending on your roof material, patches or replacement sections may be impossible to properly affix once the weather becomes too cold. If left unrepaired, you'd be looking at leaks and higher heating bills throughout the winter.

4. Chimneys

Finally, be certain that all your chimneys and other roof outlets are in good order and as free of debris as possible. They will be receiving a workout once the temperature drops. In worst-case scenarios, totally-plugged chimneys could lead to significant indoor pollution issues.

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