Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring Roofing Contractors

August 22nd, 2017 | in Hiring Contractors

There is no shortage of roofing contractors in any given area, and it can sometimes be difficult to separate out the good picks from all the rest. Unfortunately, there are plenty of operations who simply can't deliver what they promise, or do substandard work which will cause problems later.

When you're interfering potential roofing contractors, these are some of the most important questions to ask.

Five Questions You Need to Ask of Roofing Contractor Candidates

1. Do you carry liability and workman's comp insurance?

One of the biggest possible red flags is if the contractor isn't fully insured. No matter the reason, never hire uninsured contractors. It means if there is an accident during construction, you could potentially be liable - or at least facing a lengthy court battle over fault. Be sure to ask to see the actual insurance documents. Legitimate operations will provide this proof.

2. Are you licensed?

In most areas, unlicensed roofing is illegal - but that doesn't stop some operations from getting away with it. Again, make sure you see the actual document and -if possible- follow up with your local authorities to guarantee its authenticity?

3. Will any of the work be subcontracted? (And if so, to whom?)

While it's best if your roofingcontractor is doing all the work themselves, some level of subcontracting can occur. Make sure you know about this upfront, and investigate thesubcontractors to ensuretheywill also be able to perform up to par.

4. Can I see your past work and/or talk to past clients?

Quality above-board roofing contractors won't hesitate to provide you with a list of past projects, so you can visit the sites for yourself or speak to the owner about how the contractor performed. If they don't want to provide this information, they're almost certainly hiding unwelcome news.

5. How many projects are you currently working?

Ideally, you want a contractor with a handful of current projects. If they're currently out-of-work, there's probably a reason for it. On the other hand, if they have too many projects, they could be spread thin and unable to give your contract the attention it deserves.

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