Laurentian Roofing Highlights the Five Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs in Vancouver

June 16th, 2017 | in General Roof Info

Roofing repairs can help keep the structure of your home safe for the long-term. You can use the latest repair services to repair small holes and to replace broken shingles. But some homeowners are now taking a DIY approach to even the most complex of roof repairs. This can leave the structure of the home highly unsafe and can lead to leaks and other home challenges.

In this latest post, we’ll explore five of the dangers of DIY roof repairs for Vancouver homes.

  1. Ladder risks

    The vast majority of homeowners have little understanding on how to use a ladder safely. This might mean that, in the process completing roof repairs in their Vancouver home, the homeowner accidentally places their ladder against an unsafe structure. Any movement of the ladder can then cause a fall incident.

  2. Limited safety precautions

    Most roofing workers have some form of safety system in place before they begin. This might be an anchor that links them to the structure of the building. Or it could be professional gloves that protect their hands against debris. However, you won’t have access to these types of commercially-available systems for work on your home.

  3. Asbestos

    While most homeowners won’t face this risk, there’s a small chance that your home contains asbestos fibers within its roof. This might mean Vancouver homeowners completing roof repairs find that they release asbestos fibers during the work. These fibers are extremely dangerous to human health, and can lead to breathing difficulties, as well as fatal illnesses such as cancer.

  4. Weather challenges

    Another common problem within DIY roofing work is the weather. Do you have the ability to control your position on the roof while it’s raining? Are you confident you know what to do if you become stuck on the roof during a thunderstorm? The weather can pose numerous risks for roofing teams, and only experts have the training and experience to handle the problems weather can cause.

  5. Leak location

    In addition to the dangers associated with roof repair work, many homeowners also face the issue of not knowing how to locate a problem. They might not know where a leak is within the roof structure. This means you’re unlikely to complete the work to the highest of standards, and your home may be in worse condition after you try to complete the repair work.

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