Prepare Your Gutters for the Rainy Season

October 10th, 2017 | in Gutters

With the fall and winter seasons set to bring with them extended periods of wet weather, it’s the ideal time for building owners to review their property’s roofing and guttering and ensure the system is in ideal shape for the coming years. To help guide the preparations, our team at Laurentian Roofing is now highlighting four tips for protecting gutters during the fall and winter seasons.

1. Repair Loose Gutters

Similar to some roofing options, over time (particular in areas prone to storms) guttering can come loose and be damaged, causing potential flooding and other problems. It’s important that you identify areas in which the guttering has become loose and speak with a local specialist about beginning the repair process as soon as possible.

2. Remove Debris Regularly

Maintaining your property’s gutters will help keep them in the ideal condition for long-term. This means you should remove debris such as sticks and leaves on a regular basis. By having your gutters maintained regularly throughout the fall and winter seasons, you can help to minimize the extent of any damage. The maintenance process will reduce the pressure on the structure and maximize the value of the guttering system over several years.

3. Choose the Highest Quality Gutter Material for Replacement

One of the leading reasons many homeowners experience guttering issues is that they leave maintenance to the last minute and then they choose the cheapest repair and replacement solution. If you use cheap materials to repair the guttering, you’re likely going to experience further problems in the short-term, costing you more money than if you had just used the best products first time around. For guttering repair and replacement work, turn to a trusted specialist for a solution and make sure that you have a full understanding on the guttering materials they’re using.

4. Trim Branches in the Area

Branches from nearby trees can cause significant damage to home guttering if they fall. Make sure you have all nearby trees maintained expertly before the fall and winter begin. This will help keep your property in great condition and reduce safety issues.

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