A FULL SERVICE Vancouver Commercial RoofING COMPAnY

Few companies are trusted more for Vancouver commercial roofing work than Laurentian Roofing.

Your roof is one of the most critical aspects of your business. It protects the large investment you have made in your commercial property, as well as being a major part of the impression your building makes on visitors. Furthermore, building codes demand that commercial and industrial roofs be built to stricter standards than residential roofs. That is why you need Vancouver business roofing experts who understand roofs and the laws regulating them, to ensure you get the most possible return on your property investment.

Laurentian Roofing has extensive experience in both commercial and industrial Vancouver roofing, with more than fifteen years in business and hundreds of satisfied clients served across the Vancouver area. We can work on any business type, including factories, warehouses, retail outlets, hospitality, or apartment complexes, and more.

All The Commercial ROOFING Services You Need

We deploy the latest in roofing technologies, materials, and techniques to provide the perfect roof for every need. Our job begins with an extensive consultation on your business, its location, and the challenges the building will face. Based on that, we can recommend from a wide range of options, including:

We can also consult with you on additional structures or installations on your roof, such as solar panels or greenspace.

When you hire Laurentian Roofing for your commercial or industrial Vancouver roof work, you are getting the full package: A team of experts with a focus on safety, with a long track record of success, and extensive warranty options backing up every job we do.

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