Emergency Roof Repair

When you're having problems with your roof, the only acceptable timeframe to get repairs underway is ASAP. Whether it's leaks, cracks, or even more extensive damage, the costs to repair both your roof and everything beneath it will only grow with each hour that passes. The faster the roof is fixed; the less damage is done.

That's why Laurentian Roofing offers emergency roof repair services. If you're in need of rapid response we'll be there to ensure your repairs are done right.

No job is too big or small. From a few missing shingles on a residential roof to major repairs to a commercial roof, Laurentian is here to help.

We can assist with:

Roof Leaks

Water damage can quickly ruin a building both inside and out, with the potential to seep into almost any part of the structure. Once on-site, we will search for the source of the leak, and plug it before any further damage occurs.

Weather Damage

In an area like Vancouver which can see heavy storms, roof damage is common, and sometimes severe. We can minimize the time you spend with holes in your roof, patching them quickly before working to install permanent fixes.

Fire Damage

If there's been a fire within your building, it's vital to have the roof checked for any damage as well. Even if it looks acceptable from the outside, the heat may have damaged the substructure or bonds holding your roof materials in place.

Emergency Reroofing

In a true worst-case damage scenario, Laurentian Roofing can still be there for you. If it takes all night, or even multiple days, we'll still devote all our effort into getting a roof back over your head as quickly as can be accomplished safely.

With years spent serving both residential and commercial customers in Vancouver, Laurentian Roofing has the experience necessary to handle any emergency repair job, big or small. If you need emergency roof work, contact us immediately.

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