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Once you have spent money on a new roof or if you have repaired an older one, you want to make sure that you can maximize the lifespan of that investment. With regularly scheduled maintenance from our expert commercial flat roof maintenance team in Vancouver, your roof will be kept in excellent condition for years to come. Better still, you will be keeping money in your pocket by extending the lifetime of your existing roof.

Commercial ROOFING Services

Contact us to discuss setting up a regular maintenance schedule for checking your apartment, condominium, shopping mall, school, hospital, or strata complex. Our contractors will come to your location and make sure that any potential problems, such as debris, wind damage, areas that have been weathered and exposed to the elements, pools of standing water and other trouble spots are maintained expertly.

Our full suite of services includes:

  • Minor repairs and replacement

    Our repair team can ensure your office gutter system is working to peak performance by offering minor repair and replacement services. We can also offer repair and replacement of fixings and flashings to help protect the structural performance of your building. We will work to ensure your property is maintained according to the highest of market standards.

  • Preplanned, and reactive maintenance

    Our commercial roof maintenance team in Vancouver can also offer both preplanned and reactive maintenance services. Our preplanned services ensure your maintenance work can be scheduled according to the needs of building users. Our work mitigates the impact on all building users. Our reactive services are designed to ensure a swift response to roof hazards. We can deploy a team of professionals using the latest repair equipment at a moment’s notice.

  • Gutter Service

    Our gutter team can offer year-long services designed to ensure the optimal performance of your building and its waterflow systems. We work to remove all debris from your commercial building gutters using the latest safety guidelines. Our maintenance team in Vancouver has years of experience in analyzing guttering challenges and in offering the ideal maintenance response.

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