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Built-in Gutters for Homes, Apartments, Townhomes & Condos

Homeowners and architects love built-in gutters because they're invisible when admiring the exterior of the house. They are designed to be concealed, and for houses that are of older construction or meant to look historic.

In many cases these sorts of gutters don't receive the proper maintenance and cleaning required. Debris from trees and animals can accumulate and cause blockages. In many instances, 5 years after installation the membrane inside the gutter becomes worn down and should therefore be inspected b a qualified professional. This happens after several seasons of being exposed to cold and warm temperatures as well as weathering, the membrane begins to crack and come apart. If it's not replaced, water can get between the membrane and your gutter, causing rot.

Proper installation by a trained roofing expert insures that you won't have any unexpected surprises. This is why Laurentian Roofing has an in-depth labour warranty to complement the warranty of the roofing materials. By hiring a roofing company that backs its labor and installation of your built-in gutters, and that the manufacturers we use will back their warranty, you're making sure that you're protected.

If you're considering getting the built-in gutters for your home inspected or the membrane replaced, make sure that the roofing company you employ won't leave you with any hidden problems.

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