Skylight Repair & Installation in Vancouver

Skylight Repair - Call the Experts!

Having natural light come into your home is always a preferable option. Skylights are one way to bring more natural light into an area to brighten up an otherwise dark room and turn it into a center of family activities. Skylight installation can also add value and appeal to your Vancouver building and even cut down on your energy bill.

There are many kinds of skylights you can consider building on your residential or commercial roof, ranging from ones that are wide to smaller, that can be manually opened and bring in fresh air.

The skylights offered here at Laurentian Roofing are available in both glass and vinyl options in several popular styles, which include:

  • Circular roof domes and pyramids
  • Fixed and vented curb mount units
  • Roof windows
  • T-Bar glazing systems
  • Walkway covers

Why You Should Hire a Roofer for Skylight Repair & Installation in Vancouver

Skylights have earned a false reputation of being prone to failure and leaking. However, this is likely due to improper installation by someone with little to no roofing experience. Often, they leak because of this damage to the roofing materials during installation. Having an experienced roofer perform your skylight repair & installation in Vancouver is the best way to prevent this problem.

Regular maintenance, such as replacing old gaskets and repairing loose flashing, can also prevent potential leaks, and resulting damages.

The team of highly experienced roofing contractors here at Laurentian Roofing, can install or repair skylights without damaging the existing roof structures. For a free, no obligation consultation please contact the experts at Laurentian Roofing today.

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