Torch-on roofing

If Your Roof Requires a Torch - Call the Experts!

Laurentian Roofing can apply a flat roof for your building using the torch-on method of application. This method consists of applying layers of polyester and fiberglass reinforced SBS membrane. The bottom-side of the roofing materials are heated using an open, controlled flame so that it seals to your roof.

Torch-on roofs typically have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years and are very popular now with commercial roofs and residential roofing jobs. However, because of the use of an open flame, caution must be applied when laying down the roofing material. This is why a skilled, roofer who has been professionally trained in this roofing technique – and who has liability insurance for open flame application -- is vital to making sure that the job gets done without any problems.

Laurentian Roofing makes it a point to have all of their workers professionally trained in both the application of torch-on roofs as well as safeguarding against potential hazards. We also have full insurance coverage for your protection and offer workmanship and manufacturer's warranty. When you select a company to lay down a torch-on roof -- pick one that has your best interest in mind. Give Laurentian Roofing a call and let us walk you through our process before you sign.

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