Commercial Torch on Roofing in Vancouver

One of the most popular flat roofing options among businesses in Vancouver is torch on roofing. This form of roofing is particularly effective at providing a long-lasting roof for those with buildings that feature a flat or low pitch roof. This roofing system is slightly more expensive to install than some other roofing types but pays off with increased durability.

When applied properly, torch on roofing can generally last twenty-five years or more without requiring serious maintenance. This makes it a highly cost-effective option for building owners looking for a solution for their flat-top or low pitch roofing. Once in place, a quality torch on roofing job will pay off for years to come.

What Is Torch On Roofing?

Torch on roofing is similar to more traditional tar-and-gravel flat roofing but provides several distinct advantages.

The system involves separate layers of polyester and fiberglass reinforced SBS membrane. The bottom layer is applied to the roof either mechanically, using screws or other fasteners, or else applied with adhesive. Then, between the bottom and top layers, there is a heat-activated layer of modified bitumen which provides a bond. This is where "torch on" roofing gets its name - the synthetic rubber layer is generally activated with hand torches.

These layers of asphalt and modified bitumen then provide superior waterproofing and other weather protection, which is vital in a climate like Vancouver's. It is also inhospitable to most pests, vermin, rot, molds, and other biological agents which can inhabit and degrade other roof types.

Additionally, due to the thinness of the layers, these roofing systems are significantly lighter than tar-and-gravel roofing. In some cases, it may be possible to use torch on methods with roofs that could not withstand heavier materials.

Choose Laurentian Roofing for Superior Torch On Roofing in Vancouver.

The proper application of torch on roofing requires significant expertise, or else its lifespan could be significantly shortened. With over fifteen years in business, and many combined decades of service between our core team members, we have all the training and on-site experience necessary to ensure a roofing job.

If your business needs a superior weather-resistant roof which will hold for years to come, contact Laurentian Roofing today for a free estimate.

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