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Residential Roof Maintenance - Call the Experts!

Regular maintenance of your residential roof should be done at least once a year, and possibly semi-annually if your home resides close to the tree line. You should only let someone experienced in proper roofing maintenance perform your roof inspection, and also only if they are properly insured against accidents. One small slip and you may find yourself unable to work for a long period of time.

Our roofers gets calls from many homeowners asking to perform regular maintenance of their roof. We're able to arrive at your home, get our equipment set up and then perform a quick inspection. If there is any necessary work that needs to get done, such as cleaning your eaves or repairing a problem area, we'll take a photo up on your roof and then show you what the problem is. For most jobs we're able to get the inspection and any small maintenance work done within an hour or two.

Take the risk and hassle out of climbing up on top of your home and leave it to the experts at Laurentian Roofing.

Additional Residential Roofing Needs: