Steep Slope Roofing

Steep Slope Roofs - Call the Experts!

The degree of slope of your roof will be a major factor in deciding what kind of material your roofing contractor will recommend to you. Generally speaking, the slope (or pitch as it is sometimes referred to) is worked out by the vertical rise in inches for every 12-inches forward from a single spot. So, if a roofer says to you that your home has a low slope pitch of 2/12, that means for every foot that goes up on the top of your home, the rate of rise is 2-inches.

Roofs that have steeper slopes tend to have a greater lifespan, up to 50% longer than lesser slope roofs – they also tend to cost more because the house requires more wood and a tall chimney if one is included in the design. Most homes and buildings have conventional roofs with a slope of 4/12 to 8/12.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are better materials for both lower and higher slope roofs. Tiles and shingles don’t work very well for low-slope roofs (1/12 to 4/12), and using single-ply roofing material on steep-slope roofs (9/12 and up) isn’t practical.

Our company has been certified by Building Products of Canada (BP) and CertainTeed for use of their products for steep slope roofing. This allows us to offer our customers a superior warranty direct from the manufacturer (50 year non-prorated.)

When you call us to come evaluate your roof, we will be able to recommend what materials would both protect you from the elements as well as complement your building’s aesthetic look.

Other Steep Slope Roofing Options:

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