Quality Waterproofing for Your Vancouver Home

The number one goal for any roof is to provide protection from the elements, especially rain and snow.

As experienced roofers with hundreds of jobs under our belt, our number one enemy is water. By using insulated roofing materials, correctly installed flashing, proper installation techniques, the right equipment and having our employees properly trained in the best roofing techniques for our rainforest climate, our job is to protect your family, your business and your belongings from the outside environment – and make sure that the water doesn't get in.

Our team will come to your location and inspect your present roof for signs of wear and tear, leaks and other potential problems. Different kinds of roofs will show different warning signs, which is why it pays to use a professional roofer with a skilled, experience crew to look over your building.

We're experts in safeguarding your biggest investment.

Laurentian Roofing, our team is committed to protecting your property and those inside. Our experience within the marketplace means we can identify the signs of structural issues and provide professional solutions based on the latest guidance within the marketplace. This means you can entrust your Vancouver property needs to our waterproofing experts, who will work diligently to ensure leak issues and home structural problems are resolved for the long-term.

Turn to Laurentian Roofing for:

  1. Expert Inspection Work

    Our team will visit your property and conduct a thorough review both inside and outside the building. We can inspect the roof for signs of wear and tear, and look within the property for signs of leaks that can occur over time. This is the foundation to our working service and ensures that our roofers have a clear understanding on the full structure of the building.

  2. Experienced Professionals

    Our team has decades of experience within the roofing marketplace and has completed waterproofing projects for clients across Vancouver. Our experience in this area means we’re the ideal company to select when you have a challenging water intrusion issue within your building. We can work to resolve the problem professionally while mitigating the impact of our work on those inside the property.

  3. Licensed Roofing Specialists

    When completing waterproofing work on client properties, we only work with licensed professionals to protect the property owner. Our team is insured against workplace injuries and potential structural issues, with high level coverage to assure peace of mind during the roofing project.

  4. High Quality Materials

    We only choose the highest quality roofing materials when completing waterproofing work on Vancouver properties. For example, we only install high performance flashing and durable insulated materials designed to mitigate the impact of water on the home for the coming years.

Our team at Laurentian Roofing is available around the clock to begin Vancouver waterproofing work. To book a FREE consultation, contact us today.

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