Vancouver Roofing Contractors Outline Roof Maintenance and When to Inspect a Roof

March 15th, 2017 | in Roof Maintenance

Your roof takes a beating. Every December, winter dumps snow on top of snow and your roof, strong and sturdy as it is, keeps that cold, wet snow where it belongs - outside. Even when the day is nice and sunny, you can cool off by going inside. Your roof, on the other hand, continues to do its job, and gets exposed to the sun and elements. Your roof will begin to slowly show its age and wear after time. That’s why a roof needs a regular inspection by roofing contractors in Vancouver to stay in great condition and last as long as possible.

When to Inspect a Roof

As you go on with your busy life, the roof can easily be forgotten about. As a homeowner, however, you should be having your roof inspected every spring (after inclement weather) and every fall (to make sure it is in top shape before the winter weather comes).

Research has shown that roofs that are not maintained have their life expectancy cut in half. Even if you have a warranty, it may not take effect if it is obvious that the roof has not been maintained.

How to Inspect a Roof

First off, the homeowner should have all their papers in order. These typically include:

  • A copy of the warranty
  • Previous inspection reports
  • Copies of repair orders
  • A roof plan drawn to scale

When a roofing contractor in Vancouver inspects your roof, they will want to take a look at the files mentioned, especially if you have had roof repairs. The roof plan drawn to scale should document exactly where the repairs were made and why.

Before inspecting the roof, the contractor will typically inspect the walls, especially areas where there is plumbing. After this, they will inspect the roof and the drainage system to make sure it isn’t clogged.

Inspecting a roof shouldn’t be left to a DIY day. While you can certainly clean out drains and remove debris from your roof, leave the inspection to the pros. Roofing contractors in Vancouver are trained to look for the less obvious problems and prevent them from growing into bigger, costly roofing repairs. To learn more about roof inspection, contact our Vancouver office at Laurentian Roofing for a free estimate.

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