Greater Vancouver Roofers

Lower Vancouver, Downtown, East Van, South Vancouver, Burnaby

Because they are situated closer to the Pacific Ocean, these areas tend to have more rainfall and less snow during the colder months thanks to the Japan Current; however, some of the higher regions in Burnaby will get more snowfall than the lower climes. Windstorms are also known to happen and their effects are more likely to affect the durability of your roof in these zones. Using this knowledge, our roofers will construct a roof that can withstand both rain and snow.

West Vancouver, North Vancouver

Residents on the North Shore live with greater precipitation and snowfall than their counterparts across the Burrard Inlet, thus producing a greater challenge for their roofing needs. Rainforest conditions are predominant across West and North Van, and many single-family houses can be adjacent to trees, further increasing the home's need for adequate protection from the surrounding elements and occasional windstorms. Our roofers have completed many residential and commercial roofing projects in West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Richmond, Delta, New Westminster, Port Moody

Closer proximity to large bodies of water typically mean that these suburbs will get more rainfall than snow, though higher regions of Port Moody and New Westminster can receive more snowfall. On average temperatures are warmer in Richmond leading many buildings to have adequate roofing coverage but heavy rainfall can cause a build-up of moisture if sufficient roof runoff is not implemented. When you hiring roofing contractors for your Richmond business and home, select Laurentian roofing.

Surrey, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley

Being further away from the Vancouver core means more snowfall and colder temperatures. The Pineapple Express that comes into the Lower Mainland dumps heavy precipitation on us and our homes need to be able to withstand the effects of it, especially in the typically larger dwellings in these regions. Our roofers understand the needs of cooler climates, and their impact on residential and commercial buildings.

Whistler, Squamish

More snow during the winter and hotter temperatures in the summer mean that the buildings and homes in these two areas need to be able to withstand a wider extreme of weather. Repairing a cedar shake roof can be costly. We will help you to find affordable options for you next roofing project. We also have expertise with cedar shingle roofing conversions.

Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack

Further out in the Fraser Valley, temperatures can swing from below or close to freezing to quite warm in the same day. Our roofing contractors understand the demands of working in cold climates.

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