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Built-Up Roofs

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A built-up roof (or BUR for short), sometimes called a tar and gravel, used to be a popular kind of roof. They are made by applying layers of roofing felt separated by coatings of tar. After the final coat of tar is laid down a layer of gravel is placed on top to absorb the damaging qualities of direct sunlight.

A tar and gravel flat roof can last a fair period of time as long as regular maintenance is done. Wind can deposit debris from nearby trees, birds can leave droppings and moss can potentially grow between the cracks. If these problems are regularly taken care of, the built-up roof on your home or business will last through numerous seasons. Left on their own, breaks can develop and moisture can creep in.

In many cases the tar and gravel roofs that used BUR are now turning in favor of torch-on roofing. Our roofing contractors can advise you on which is the best option to get for your next roof.

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