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Installing Flashing on Your Roof - Call the Experts!

Flashing helps direct the rainwater that lands on your roof, directing it quickly around vents, chimneys and other outcroppings. The flashing serves as a barrier against the water, repelling it onto the roofing materials that then carry it down the side and off or away from the building.

For low slope roofs, gravity will funnel off the water and should protect your roof for many years. However, regular checks should be done and if you see signs that your flashing is loose, like finding loose nails or dry roofing cement around the flashing, you may need to have touch-ups done.

Experienced roofers should be hired when installing or repairing flashing on your roof. Our roofing contractors will be more than happy to help you examine your roof's flashing and let you know if any repairs are needed.

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